A wedge-tailed eagle flies away from us and towards the left of the photograph, above a paddock and flowering gorse. We can see its large, wedge-shaped tail especially clearly. Photo: Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol.
Photo: Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol

Events calendar

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  • Early February 2022

    Where? Where? Wedgie! survey bookings open

    • Bookings via App
    • Bookings close just before each weekend starts
  • May 2022

    Where? Where? Wedgie! free teaching resources

    • Live webinars presented by Dr Clare Hawkins & Dr James Pay
    • Videos, curriculum-aligned lessons & more: a nine-day virtual expedition
  • Mid-May & end-May 2022

    Where? Where? Wedgie! surveys

    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday mid-May
    • Friday, Saturday, Sunday end-May
  • 14 August 2022

    Introducing CallTrackers: community workshop

    • 4–6 pm, 14 August 2022, Swansea
  • 15 August 2022

    Introducing CallTrackers: schools activities

    • 9 am–2.30 pm, 15 August 2022, Triabunna
  • September – November

    Peak Claws on the Line survey period

A warmly-dressed person with a Where? Where? Wedgie! beanie leans on wooden deck railing as they survey with their binoculars across far distant, cloud-topped mountains extending to the sunlit, hazy grey horizon. Photo: Stephen Anstee.
Photo: Stephen Anstee