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To get a handle on eagle numbers, we need to spread our efforts widely across Tasmania. We have a registration map, so that you can choose and book your own survey area.

The idea is for teams to survey one or more 4 km x 4 km areas (grid squares) on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and/or Sunday 27th May. Preferably at least six 10-minute surveys need to be done in each square, with each survey being started either on the hour or the half hour, any time between 8 am and 4.30 pm on each day.

How to choose your survey square(s)

Things to think about:

+ Where’s free?

On the registration map, you can see which squares have already been reserved by other teams to survey. If there’s already a survey going on at your preferred square, we encourage you to choose another area. If that’s not possible, then your preferred area may be available for booking on a different day. If nothing fits, please contact us and we’ll see if we can help work something out for you.

+ Can I book more than one square?

Well that would be great, but don’t overstretch yourselves!

We’d like you to do at least 6 ten minute surveys in your square, in daylight hours starting either on the hour or on the half hour (so separated by at least half an hour), preferably from different points within your square. So if you’re really keen and it’s easy to move around your squares, you might manage two squares, or conceivably three, in a day.

Otherwise you could do another square on a different day, or sign up for all three days (25th, 26th and 27th May).

+ Which are the priority squares?

We identified priority squares - these are priorities for various reasons to help the survey work well, but primarily in order to spread everyone’s effort widely across Tasmania, and reduce the risk of people counting the same eagle in more than one square. If you’re able to, please pick a priority square?

Otherwise, book a square as far as you can manage from any others booked.

+ Can I survey somewhere a bit special?

If you're feeling intrepid, it would be really helpful if you can pick somewhere that no one else is likely to get to. That might be somewhere really remote, or it might be an area of private land owned by you or a friend.

+ Is it permitted, and safe, for me to get and move around there?

Wherever you go, it's a good idea to check your square in advance. Make sure that you and your team are all able to reach and move around it safely, and that you have permission to go on the land (both where you're going to do your survey, and any land you need to go on to reach that area).

+ Can I access more than one point in the square?

For each of your ten-minute surveys within your chosen grid square, if possible, choose more than one survey site - perhaps you can find a different site for each of your six surveys? To maximise your chances of seeing an eagle, or any of the other birds we're recording, you might choose at least some sites which have a big view - high on a hill, or in an open field. But a mixture of habitats is a good idea too.

+ What if I can’t easily do all these things?

I still would like to do a survey! Sure - we’d like you to take part in whatever capacity you can manage. Book whichever square you can (as far from any others booked as you can manage), and if you’d like extra help in any way, get in touch via the Forum (General Help) or the Contact page, and we’ll see what’s possible.

+ What if I need to cancel?

Life is full of surprises! If it turns out you need to cancel, please let us know straight away. Once you’ve booked your square, everyone else will know that you’ve already got it covered, so they will prioritise booking other squares. You’ll get a confirmation email with details on how to cancel. Any problems, get in touch [link to Contact page].

Make sure you sign up as a member before you double-click on your square.


Twitter: @nature_trackers



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