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To donate to the NatureTrackers program and ensure its long term success, please contact us

Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) an independent Fund that supports and strengthens Tasmanian communities by distributing funds to those communities. The TCF committed significant funding to the Bookend Trust: half of what we need to establish NatureTrackers as a long term project.

Department of Education Tasmania

...are the major learning partner for this project. In the lead up to the 2018 survey, the team presented to over 3500 students and teachers around Tasmania. This project would not be happening without the DoE.

Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding a wind power development, comprising two wind farms at Woolnorth in the far north-west, and the third at Cape Portland, on the north-east coast of Tasmania.They are providing significant financial and practical support to Where? Where? Wedgie!

ICS an Australian software development company, specialising in enterprise software for organisations involved in the management, measurement and planning of complex data sets and processes. They've supported this project with professional grade technical wizardry and web development.

ProofSafe an all-Australian company supporting environmental initiatives. It provides a user-friendly app connected to a powerful database. Originally engineered to facilitate scientific research and Workplace Safety solutions, ProofSafe's flexibility enables any organisation - from NatureTrackers to large businesses - to efficiently and accurately collect, manage and use data.


...owns, operates and maintains the electricity transmission and distribution network in Tasmania. They’re taking a proactive and strategic approach to reducing the impact of the electricity network on Tasmania’s threatened birds, and have provided financial and practical support to promote Where? Where? Wedgie! to potential participants across the community.

Additional support

Inspiring Australia and 187 wonderful Pozible supporters were the primary funders for the 2018 Where Where Wedgie community workshops. The following organisations hosted and supported training workshops in May 2018:
Inala Nature Tours, Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, Central North Field Naturalists, Cradle Coast Authority NRM, WILDCARE Inc Roaring Beach Wildlife Rescue, City of Hobart Bushcare, Devonport City Council, Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding, Woolnorth Wind Farms, Waratah-Wynyard Council, Circular Head Council, Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre, Kingborough Council

In April 2019, the following organisations hosted and supported additional training workshops:
Cradle Coast Authority NRM, Kentish Field Naturalists Club, Friends of Triabunna Reserves, Devonport City Council, Launceston Field Naturalists Club, Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding, City of Hobart Bushcare


Twitter: @nature_trackers



Nature Trackers is a Bookend Trust initiative. Bookend Trust is a not-for-profit education initiative that seeks to inspire students and their communities with the positive environmental careers they can build making the world a better place. Funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community.

Copyright © 2018 Bookend Trust. All Rights Reserved.

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