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Working through everyone's data...

7th June 2018

So - what did Where? Where? Wedgie! discover??!!

Apologies for the delay in responding to everyone’s emails. We asked everyone to send in their survey results ‘asap' in order to ensure that it was all safely stored in one place - and they did! We are now quite swamped in data & photos - which is *wonderful*, but is taking time to tease apart.

Perhaps about half of the surveys were reported through the ProofSafe app; then more via the website (‘My details’) and more from scanned datasheets. In each case there are some bits and pieces that need tidying up before we can make sense of it; then the scanned material needs to be typed out; then we’ll need to track down any info that’s missing or conflicting. This is all down to Clare, who’s also currently coordinating the ‘bonus' surveys which are being run up until the Queen’s Birthday Monday.

Clare’s hoping to provide a rough idea of the numbers of each species seen, and the numbers of surveys carried out, within the coming week. She'll steadily update the results map and give a more precise idea of the numbers over the weeks after that. She’ll be getting in touch with all surveyors to confirm receipt of data & photos.

If you haven’t sent your data in yet, please do now! If you have, please still keep a hold of your own records in case we ned to get back to you with any queries.

Once everyone’s data are completely tracked down and tidied up, it’s over to Jo the statistician for analysis. Together, we’ve recorded how many eagles (and other target species) we could see across scattered parts of Tasmania on three separate days - what can our findings tell us about overall population size?

In the mean time, if you are a whizz at data entry/management in the Hobart area and would care to give Clare a hand, please get in touch (subject line: DATA) via!

If that’s not your bag, but you’re familiar with the survey methods and might like to help out with the bonus surveys - emaiil the same address, subject line: BONUS SURVEYS.

Watch this space for further updates!


Twitter: @nature_trackers



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