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Golden squares and forgotten passwords...

15th May 2018

Have you booked your survey square yet? For survey success, we badly need more priority squares to be selected. It turned out that on some screens it was difficult to distinguish from the red colour of the ‘taken’ survey squares from the orange of the priority squares, which very unfortunate! So we’ve switched them to yellow - or perhaps we should say ‘golden’… We’ve also improved your ability to get a more zoomed-out Tasmanian-level view of the squares on the map (via Take Part), which can help you see all the priority squares and current bookings.

Surveys in the ‘priority' squares will provide the key source of information for the survey. They're simply every 10th square, regularly spaced all across Tasmania: if we get enough surveys in these squares, we’ll get even coverage of the wide variety of conditions across the state, in proportion to their availability. To get an idea of eagle numbers, we don’t only want to know which areas are good for eagles - we also need to know where they aren’t so common. Imagine a paddock with 20 orchids scattered through it. If you only surveyed patches where the orchids were, you might come away with the impression that the field was full of orchids! We need to survey widely across the whole range - though also we need a lot of people surveying, in order to pick up enough orchids - or eagles - to give us a good idea of the overall density.

You'll notice that, so far, we really don’t have even coverage - our booked squares are quite clustered! So - if you have a chance to pick a golden square in a neglected area - please go for it! It may not be easy to access - please don’t take on anything that you don’t feel comfortable or safe to do - but perhaps it’s the kind of adventure you love. Perhaps it's on land owned by a friend or relation - get them involved too!

If you can’t pick a priority square, it’s still more useful to carry out a survey somewhere than not to carry one out at all. Perhaps you also know others you can encourage who would enjoy the challenge of a golden square - a mad keen bushwalker who’ll never forget the story of getting to square 290 for example…

Want to switch? Book your preferred square and ask us to cancel via ‘Contact’.

Another thing has changed on the website - we’ve added ‘forgotten password’. After a time, you are automatically logged out of the NatureTrackers website, and you may not notice - but you’re only logged in if you can see ‘My Details’ in the top righthand corner, beside ‘Sign Out’. If you can only see ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log in’- that suggests that you aren’t using the right password - try changing it via ‘Forgot Password’, which you can access via 'Log In’. But if you’re having trouble, do let us know via Contact or

Finally…. as we’re receiving super-useful feedback and suggestions from workshop attendees we’re working on other improvements, and adding similar information, and answers to questions that have cropped up, to the Training Resources (via Prepare). Check them out and let us know what you think via the Forum, Contact or Signed-up members will get email updates. A datasheet and an app will also be coming soon.


Twitter: @nature_trackers



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