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Announcing... New funding! New app!

9 May 2021 (updated, most recently 14 May)

We're excited to announce new funding for Where? Where? Wedgie! and more...

In a new partnership with the Bookend Trust, TasNetworks is providing funding to support Where? Where? Wedgie! - and also Dr James Pay’s research, including tracking wedge-tailed eagle movement using GPS tags. Data from Where? Where? Wedgie! monitoring and James' GPS tags will help direct efforts to reduce threats to eagles - including TasNetworks' threatened bird mitigation program - and confirm their effectiveness.

NatureTrackers: Where? Where? Wedgie! app

The first outcome of the funding has been the development of a Where? Where? Wedgie! app - building on the new crowd-funded survey booking map created earlier this year. This app will work on your computer, tablet or phone.

Up until now, we have been using the ProofSafe app. The innovative ProofSafe developers have donated significant time and creativity working with us to tailor app features for our purposes, as well as allowing free use by all participants for Where? Where? Wedgie! They have been fantastic to work with, and we are extremely grateful for their patience, generosity and ideas as we refined the data entry and survey design. Ultimately, since Where? Where? Wedgie! has a rather unusual focus around the survey booking map, we’ve decided after much reflection to move to a specifically tailored app for the project. But we highly recommend the ProofSafe app for anyone recording field data - and also for tracking assets, and a bunch of other safety and management admin such as time-sheets, stock-takes, audits and log books. We warmly thank Mark, Hans and colleagues for all that they have done to assist the project and Tasmania's birds of prey.

It's been a bit of a race against time to get the new app ready for this year's surveys! Seasoned NatureTrackers will have been wondering... It's wonderful to be able to share the news with you at last!

Getting ready for Where? Where? Wedgie! 2021:

+ Know what's required BEFORE committing!

CHECK what's required via the Prepare page BEFORE diving into booking & downloading the app! Note that, if you haven't already, you'll have to sign up to the 2021 booking system, even if you're a signed up NatureTracker from previous years. Once signed up, don't forget to go to your activation email before your first log-in - check your junk mail.

+ BOOK your survey square before the deadline

Book at least two days before the surveys start - so for surveys on 14-16 May, book by this Wednesday 12 May. Bookings via the map close after this deadline - you'll then have to contact the NatureTrackers coordinator directly on and confirm that you're fully prepared.

+ READ & print out the key info

Tips & Tricks and the datasheets (just being updated for 2021 now) from the DropBox folder (you can also find this on the Prepare page). Printing out the datasheets is recommended even if you plan to use the app, just to help you understand what's needed as you start out, and in case of emergencies.

+ Get familiar with the new app

Once you understand what the surveys involve - download the new app*. Use these links for Apple and Android, or search the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android) for 'NatureTrackers: Where? Where? Wedgie!'.

NatureTrackers already signed up with this year's system can start out practising on a computer beforehand via the web version, which is very similar - just go to the Booking Map (via Take Part). (You can also do this on your phone or tablet, but use the app when you're out surveying).

Once you've got the app up and running, and you're looking at the map - look for a clipboard logo on the right hand side. Start there! Learn how to use it with a 'Practice Survey'.

Note that, especially in the first few days, there might be a few small changes e.g. in wording and appearance as we receive everyone's feedback.

The app works offline BUT VERY IMPORTANT - before you head out, make sure you've zoomed in on your square/s so that mapping of the relevant area/s are stored in your phone's cache. (It will remain there until you're back in coverage and start looking around a lot of other areas.)

Anything incomprehensible or glitchy? Email us on, preferably with a screenshot and details of your device (iPhone, iPad, Android?) - help us make really sure it works smoothly on all systems in time for the first surveys!

*Don't use apps? Just print out the datasheets, as detailed above, and make sure you have another system - e.g. GPS - to record your location.

+ Introductory video for the app

Here's a video to introduce you to all aspects of the booking map and app.

If you prefer, you can jump to learning about map features that will be useful to you during the survey at 1:05 (i.e. 1 minute 5 seconds into the video), or start on data entry at 3:46, and learn about using the app when out of coverage at 10:25. (Make sure you cache a copy of the aerial map of your square!).

If there are requests, we'll hold some more zoom chats talking through the survey and app methods, prior to the next round of surveys. Email us if you'd like this.


Twitter: @nature_trackers



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