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Choose your own adventure on the new map!

7th April 2021

To coordinate everyone's surveys - so that we're all across Tasmania and not just a few patches - this year we have a brand new booking map, funded by 173 fabulous supporters via Pozible.

Even seasoned NatureTrackers will need to sign up afresh, since this is a new system. But it's very helpful to ensure we've got all the correct info for you, and we think you'll like the innovations. For example - it's important to check your square carefully to see what landowner permissions you might need, and to make sure that all your team can travel to it and within it safely. The new map has a land tenure layer which comes in very handy.

Any problems? Please don't hesitate to contact us (including details of your device and browser, e.g. 'Android tablet, Firefox') on We've done a lot of testing... but if we've missed anything, it will help everyone if we can pick it up asap.

So - which is the square for you? All the guidelines are on the Prepare and Take Part pages. But here's a reminder that, if you're happy to explore anywhere, then surveys in more remote areas are always particularly valuable. Even a well-roaded square that's easy to get around but is far from any others booked really helps provide a more accurate picture of what's happening with our birds of prey across Tasmania. For those with the enthusiasm, skills and equipment for full bore Abel Mountain adventure, Ben Young has identified tracks to 32 of the Abels which cross survey squares - detailed below. Or perhaps you'd like to follow in the footsteps of last year's Team Melaleuca...

Wherever you choose, please read the info under the Prepare and Take Part pages before you book, and remember you and your team are responsible for each other's safety - make sure you really are fully prepared!

SquareAbelDifficulty* CoverageAbels
334Mount PictonTracked & difficultFirst half of track only, up to 550m contour.South
225Mount BobsMostly tracked & difficultSummitSouth
58Mount La PerouseTracked but difficultSummitSouth
607Mount Sarah JaneTracked but difficultMt Anne circuit track adjacent to Sarah Jane borders west side of square up to Lonely Tarns. Summit not covered.South
328Mount AldebaranMostly tracked & difficultSummitSouth West
919Mount MuellerTracked & moderately difficultSummitSouth West
331Eastern Arthurs (The Needles, Federation Peak)Tracked & very difficultOnly section of Huon Track (used to access Eastern Arthurs) between the Razorback and Luckmans Lead, no mountains covered.South West
1092Mount Field EastTracked & easySummit.South West
1265Reeds Peak & Bonds CraigTracked & moderateOnly a section of the Rasselas Track, mostly covering the climb up to Lake Rhona up to the 700m contour.Gordon
1262Pokana PeakUntracked & very difficultSquare is marginally to the north of the summit.Gordon
1262Conical MountainUntracked & very difficultSquare is marginally to the east of the summit.Gordon
3050Mensa MoorUntracked & difficultSummitNorth East
2398Parson & Clerk MountainUntracked & difficultSquare is marginally north of the summit.Central Plateau
2808Ironstone MountainMostly tracked & moderateSquare covers the Western Creek Track, which is about half of the route to the summit. Most of the remainder of the route is untracked.Central Plateau
2591Mersey CragAt least partially untracked and difficultSummitCentral Plateau
2380Mount RogoonaTracked & difficultSummitCentral Plateau
3458St Valentines PeakTracked & easySummitNorth West
3236Black Bluff RangeMostly tracked & moderateSummitNorth West
2585Mount OakleighMostly tracked & moderateSquare is marginally north of the summit.Pelion St Clair
2377Mount OssaTracked & moderateSquare is moderately south of the summit.Pelion St Clair
2377Mount MassifPartially tracked & difficultSummitPelion St Clair
2177Horizontal HillPartially tracked & difficultSquare is marginally east of the summit.Pelion St Clair
2177Mount GouldMostly tracked & difficultSquare covers the Gould Plateau section of the route.Pelion St Clair
2180Mount IdaMostly untracked & difficultSquare is marginally east of the summitPelion St Clair
1983Cheyne RangeMostly untracked & very difficultCovers most of the final ascent to the summit, the summit itself is marginally westMid West
2171Eldon PeakUntracked & very difficultMarginally south of the summit and covers a lower section of the traverse to Eldon BluffMid West
2174High DomeUntracked & very difficultCovers most of the final ascent to the summit, the summit itself is marginally eastMid West
1616Mount King William IIUntracked & difficultSquare is a little south east of the summitMid West
1804Wentworth HillsUntracked & moderately difficultSummitMid West
1974Mount OwenMostly tracked & moderateSummitWest
2168Mount SedgwickUntracked & very difficultSummitWest
2365Mount DundasTracked and moderateSummitWest

*IMPORTANT: One person's 'easy' can be another person's 'very difficult'. Check detailed information on these routes before committing. Can everyone in your team safely reach and cover a reasonable extent of the square? And if the weather isn't safe on the day, don't hesitate to cancel your trip.


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