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WWW18-20 report!

19 Nov 2020

Announcing… the report for NatureTrackers and everyone else interested in the project, on the first three years of Where? Where? Wedgie!

You can download the pdf here.

The formal scientific publications are still being prepared, but this report is packed full of the kind of info that’s harder to access from that format. You’ll find a glossary, various boxes explaining particular features, and references for further reading. It’s designed to be easy both to skim-read or to get deep into the detail. Coordinator Clare will also present on the project at this year’s Ecological Society of Australia conference on 2nd December.

Next year’s survey dates are 14-16 & 28-30 May 2021 - pop them in your diary now? You’ll discover in the report how much the value of the project will increase with every year we continue it!

Another way to help the project keep going is through donating via the Pozible crowd-funder - can we reach the target in time?? Fingers crossed. There are a number of very appealing rewards for donations - and we can now add hard copies of the report to the list!

Many thanks to everyone involved for your contributions to the success of this project so far!


Twitter: @nature_trackers



Nature Trackers is a Bookend Trust initiative. Bookend Trust is a not-for-profit education initiative that seeks to inspire students and their communities with the positive environmental careers they can build making the world a better place. Funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community.

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