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DECISION TIME! - which square to book?

22 May 2020 (+ recent regular updates)

If you haven’t already, please book the square you’re planning to survey as soon as possible! The booking map is designed to help us coordinate, so that together we choose for the best quality science.

Surveying any of the squares listed below will be especially valuable to the science. The list will be added to and updated regularly. Please note: statements about accessibility are quick estimates from the map - please look carefully for yourself and plan carefully! (Email through any errors?) Make sure it’s safe for your car and all your team to get to your chosen square, and that you have any necessary landowner permissions to get there.

BOOKING PROBLEMS? Web browser glitches sometimes occur. Booking works best on a computer. Please please contact us if it’s not working.


NORTHWEST - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 2999 (nr Corinna); 2576 (nr Rosebery); 2162 (Henty Road)

Limited roading, tracks: 3911 (Holder Plains); 3443 (Sumac Rd, Tarkine); 3908 (Lake Chisholm)

Free for 1 day?

Well roaded: 4118 (Roger River); 4291 (by Rocky Cape); Limited roading/tracks: 4109 (Bluff Hill, Arthur River)


HIGHLANDS - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 1268 (Mt Dawson); Good roads/tracks: 1986 (Lake St Clair); Limited roading: 2588 (Lake Rowallan)

Free for 1 day?

Well roaded: 2192 (nr Miena); 910 (nr Strathgordon)

Roads & tracks: 1622 (nr Tarraleah)


MIDLANDS - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 2404 (nr Campbell Town); 1457 (nr Melton Mowbray; 2207 (nr Ross).

Free for 1 day?

Well roaded: 1292 (nr Buckland); 2213 (Lake Leake); 2029 (Coles Bay).


NORTHEAST - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 3275 (nr Mathinna); 4303 (nr Gladstone)

Free for 1 day?

Road & tracks: 4312 (Mt William).


SOUTH/SW - Free for 2 days?

A team is flying down to Melaleuca on Friday 10 am 19th June, back Sunday 3 pm 21st June - looking to share flight costs (about $600 pp) - contact us if interested.

Walking tracks: 52 (South Coast Track, Iron Bound Range); 589 (SW Coast Track: Elliott Bay); 125 (Melaleuca); 322 (Port Davey Track); 331 (Eastern Arthur Range Traverse)

Boating/kayaking: 589 (SW Coast Track: Elliott Bay); 210 (Port Davey); 1421 (Macquarie Harbour)

Free for 1 day?

Well roaded: 88 (Lighthouse Bay, South Bruny)

Limited roading, tracks: 61 (Leprena/Recherche Bay)



KING ISLAND - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 4797; Tracks: 4799

Free for 1 day?

Well roaded: 4705, 4653, 4656

FLINDERS ISLAND - Free for 2 days?

Well roaded: 4765

CAPE BARREN ISLAND - Free for 1 day?

4542, 4545


Why these particular squares?

TWO DAYS FREE? For the best science, surveys need to be as widely scattered across Tasmania as possible, sampling a wide range of environmental conditions, both good and bad for birds of prey - to give us an idea of overall population size. So - see if you can book a square as far from any other bookings as you can safely reach (especially NW and SW which are quite under-surveyed).

If you can do 2 days in a square far off from lots of others in SW / NW that isn’t an official square, please contact us as for these remote areas a little rule-bending may be feasible.

ONE DAY FREE? Between us, we also need to maximise the number of squares surveyed for more than one day. Annual, single-day surveys from 100 squares could only pick up a change in eagle population size of at least 70%; whereas annual two-day surveys from 100 squares would detect a change of 40%. Three-day surveys could pick up a change of 30% - or even, if 120 squares were surveyed, 25%. So - consider choosing a square that already has one booking.


Twitter: @nature_trackers



Nature Trackers is a Bookend Trust initiative. Bookend Trust is a not-for-profit education initiative that seeks to inspire students and their communities with the positive environmental careers they can build making the world a better place. Funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community.

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