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Come what may, we’re going ahead!

UPDATED: 26th April 2020

Circumstances dictate that, at the moment, we all have to stay close to home. Nonetheless...


The normal version of Where? Where? Wedgie! - six 10-minute surveys across a quiet square of Tasmania, ideally in a team of two to three - can involve minimum coronavirus transmission risk, and is a great way to look after mind, body and nature. We're hoping to have something figured out - specific approved guidelines? (e.g. perhaps only teams of two from the same household, surveying off regular tracks). We'll certainly all be ready for a little adventure by mid-May...

Understandably, the outlook continues to adjust subtly, sometimes from day to day, so we're leaving it as late as possible to seek formal government advice on what will be allowable by mid-May. Here's the plan:

We'll communicate the decisions by: email to signed-up NatureTrackers; a News Update on this website; and on the NatureTrackers Facebook and Twitter pages.

Everyone's been very patient in the face of the current uncertainties, and 63 inspiring teams have already answered the call to be optimistic and book a square. Bookings are accumulating encouragingly, including in the generally under-surveyed western and Midlands areas. The more 2-3 day surveys uploaded annually, the more we can learn. With data from annual 3-day surveys in 120 squares, for example, we could detect a 25% change in wedge-tailed eagle population size. We're also exploring other data analysis approaches that might help us, over time, learn more about all 13 surveyed species.

In the meantime, our ONLINE RESOURCES are hotting up... In previous years, we’ve done school visits and community workshops - this year we’re planning online webinars and discussions with a wide range of experts, for potential participants of all ages.

So - help inspire more people to take part:

- SIGN UP to NatureTrackers for email updates about online resources and survey plans.

- BOOK a square now (details under Prepare) and tell everyone you've done it

- ENCOURAGE teachers and home-schooling parents to explore and sign up for details of free, online Expedition Class webinars for school-aged students to meet scientists. Supported by videos and Australian-curriculum-aligned resources, these will lead up to the Where? Where? Wedgie! 2020 surveys

- WATCH THIS SPACE for details of online discussions for the general public - coming soon!

Questions? Any hassles booking your chosen square? Contact us on And in the mean time, if you have to be out and about near others, try staying at least an eagle’s wingspan apart? (At typically 2.2 m, you’ll easily be beyond the official limit!).


Twitter: @nature_trackers



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