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Quiet on the surface, but...

28th November 2019

We've been quiet on the surface lately, but very busy behind the scenes. So now...

JUST LAUNCHED - CLAWS ON THE LINE! On 8th November, at the Don Reserve Extinction Matters BioBlitz, Devonport City Council Mayor Annette Rockliff launched NatureTrackers' second project. The aim is to monitor Tasmania's burrowing crayfish with the help of schools and the community. We're starting out by focussing on the endangered Central North burrowing crayfish, which is found nowhere else in the world except a small patch of northern Tasmania.

Read all about it in the new section of the NatureTrackers website - we're inviting people to look out for burrows and share their observations. There are opportunities coming up to get thoroughly involved with focussed surveys, both for schools and the community.

WHERE WHERE WEDGIE UPDATE: One hundred and eight NatureTrackers teams have sent in survey data for 122 squares, including data for at least 2 days for 81 squares. Of these, 74 squares included at least one confident observation of a wedge-tailed eagle this year, along with reports from 24 squares each of confident white-bellied sea-eagle and sulphur-crested cockatoo observations, and 19 with brown falcon observations. The most rarely observed bird species from our list, confidently reported from 2 squares each, were peregrines, collared sparrowhawks and long-billed corellas.

More even coverage across the state in future will give us more reliable results, but - subject to Jo's analyses - this result from 6 days of effort still looks very good. So - we're confident enough to set next year's dates now - 15-17 May & 29-31 May 2020. The survey booking map will be opened up in January, but get in touch if you need to lock in a survey square sooner...


Twitter: @nature_trackers



Nature Trackers is a Bookend Trust initiative. Bookend Trust is a not-for-profit education initiative that seeks to inspire students and their communities with the positive environmental careers they can build making the world a better place. Funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community.

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