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Survey Method

Suggestions and questions on the survey methodology are always welcome. Discuss >

Wedgie Life

Share your questions or observations on wedgies and other birds of prey. Discuss >

Bird Identification

Having trouble separating your eagle from your collared sparrow hawk, share your frustration here. Discuss >


Let us know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Discuss >

General Help

Having trouble selecting a square, can’t change your password, we’re here to help. Discuss >

Random Other Stuff

Didn’t fit any of our topics, share it here
anyway. Discuss >


Twitter: @nature_trackers



Nature Trackers is a Bookend Trust initiative. Bookend Trust is a not-for-profit education initiative that seeks to inspire students and their communities with the positive environmental careers they can build making the world a better place. Funded through the donation of time, energy and resources by private individuals concerned about building a positive and co-operative environmental future for our students and community.

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